Quality jewellery is forever. That’s why it’s important for security and peace of mind to get your precious pieces independently valued, registered and protected and with the price of gold having risen considerably recently make sure your valuations are up to date.

Having the jewellery you care about valued and listed on your insurance schedule is your best protection in the event you ever need to make a claim.

A valuation is based on years of experience and formal training in gemology and other specialist areas of product knowledge. If your home contents insurance covers your jewellery, you may feel your jewellery doesn’t need to be valued. This is not the case. It is worth having your jewellery looked at every year to determine whether or not to have it re-valued as market forces, such as gold and diamond prices can change significantly.

The valuations done at the time of getting your insurance may be different to the actual value of today! In the case of your jewellery being lost, stolen or damaged, your insurance payout may not be enough to restore the loss.

Types of Valuation

Replacement Value is the cost to purchase a new item of similar quality on the retail market. For production items it is for items of the same production method which are similar, but may not be a replica. Handmade items are valued at the cost to have remade as closely as possible. Antique articles are valued at the cost to purchase an equivalent item on the estate jewellery market.

Indemnity Value which can also be called market value is the cost to purchase an item of the same age, quality and condition.

At UNIO our valuations are undertaken by a local registered and qualified jewellery appraiser, a member of M.J.A.A.N.Z. (Member of the Jewellery Appraisers Association of New Zealand) and are hand delivered and picked up, NOT couriered .

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