Jewellery repair and restoration is one of our specialties.

Over the years, your jewellery will show signs of wear, especially gold as it is a relatively soft metal.

On older rings the first sign of wear is when you lose a stone. This can be costly, as a stone replacement may be necessary. To prevent this, it is advisable to have your jewellery (rings especially) checked and cleaned regularly.

We are happy to look at any pieces, even those that may seem worn beyond repair. There is a good chance that restoration and rebuilding will return your piece to it's former beauty, and we always find pleasure in seeing the happiness this brings to our clients.

Other common repairs include broken chains and the supply and fitting of new catches. Bracelets can be shortened, lengthened and repaired and any worn links can be replaced.

We will assess and advise you on your jewellery repair with a free no obligation quote. All repairs are carried out in our own workshop.


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