Ingrid Schloemer, Arcadia Studio

"It is the greatest reward for me when I hear that my jewellery is worn day in, day out and that compliments are received all the time!" 
- Ingrid Schloemer -Arcadia Studio


Beside other creative activities, making jewellery has been part of my life since my teenage years and I am still passionate about it!

Over the years the chosen materials changed from easily accessible copperpieces for enameling, wire and glass beads to silver, silk and gemstones, but the aim to make unique and beautiful items remained.

After the arrival in New Zealand in 1994 stone was introduced to me as an additional medium for my art work. From large-scale sculptures in limestone I turned to create jewellery in 1998,especially with my carvings from jade and other semi-precious gemstones.

Ideas for my work come mainly from nature and especially plants inspire me,leaves and trees are a repeating theme.

Since January 2006 I have been making jewellery pieces in Fine Silver and I love teaching jewellery classes.

Over the years my work has been exhibited in Germany, USA and in several New Zealand galleries and shows.

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