About Unio Goldsmith


Our jewellery is designed for individuals who seek originality, exclusivity, high quality craftsmanship and cutting edge design with good old Kiwi practicality. We like simplicity and elegance of form, sometimes with a slight twist! We are designing collections that will continually expand allowing our customers to become collectors.

"As a born and bred Kiwi designer who runs my own fine jewellery gallery and workshop, I am proud to be part of Hawke's Bays vibrant creative scene and in a world of imported blandness, I feel passionate about keeping New Zealand jewellery design alive and flourishing. Part of the reason for setting up Unio Goldsmith as a Gallery was a strong desire to promote local craftsmanship. It is a shame it is not being nurtured and in my own small way I want to bring it back! I'm lucky to have customers who seem to agree with me and have been supporting me for the last 10 years"  


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