• A Blokes Guide to buying an Engagement Ring

    OK so you’ve decided to "tie the knot", to start that time honored process that leads to the altar, to children, to Mothers in law! Congratulations! But were do you begin? How do you choose the right ring, you don’t even want to be in a Jewellers shop! Suddenly you’re out of your comfit zone and it’s going to cost you – big time!

    Before you even start looking with horror at the number of noughts at the end of the price tags, you need to make a big decision- whether to propose with a surprise ring or whether to talk it though first and get the ring together afterwards. Like all things to do with women there is no clear cut answer here. On the one hand they love the romance, you down on one knee clutching a huge diamond solitaire, but on the other side she’s going to have to wear it for the rest of her life so it’s only fair to let her choose! I guess the point is, how well do you know what she will like?

    A commissioned ring from Unio is a wonderful and romantic way for the two of you to start your engagement as it will have been designed to match your girlfriend’s style and personality (as well as your pocket!). However, remember it can take up to six weeks to design and hand make a commissioned ring and some girls just can’t wait! Our range of ready to wear rings can be bought from our Gallery and unlike most other jewellers our rings are all made in house and not mass produced.

    But why not be involved with the design of your engagement ring, it doesn’t have to be an expensive option, you may even want to use that diamond from Granny’s ring, no problem, we will design and make the ring that’s right for the two of you and together we can really capture your individuality into a truly meaningful symbol of your engagement.

    So now the big one – how much should I spend? As a guide it has been suggested that its two months salary - is that before or after tax!! But seriously my advice is to spend what feels right. Every partner deserves the biggest diamond in the world, but who needs to start married life in debt? Far better to spend what you can afford – whatever the cost, it will always be her most precious ring.

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